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New variety's

The focus at Leighvander at present is producing new garden varieties for the industry. We are very proud of our plant collection and in addition to Thumbelina Leigh and Graceleigh we have Myrleigh, Patleigh, Lemon Leigh and Vanessa Leigh. All varieties carry a P.V.R.

Concentrating on new variety's and the chance to add to the palette is an exciting area to be in. Thumbelina Leigh is a proven world favourite and available throughout Europe, UK, USA and Canada. Two new varieties called Luvleigh and Bluleigh are trialing in the USA (both are angustifolia).

A sibling new variety in color to Thumbelina Leigh is trialing at present, this is very exciting as it adds to the palette for the growing trend of choices regarding the need for compact growth Lavenders.